Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Come and join us for our Breast Cancer Awareness events throughout October in Warrington, Halton, St Helens & Knowsley.
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a) Women who have received an invitation to attend for screening under the NHS Breast Screening Programme and wish to arrange or rearrange an appointment. 

b) Women who have missed an NHS Breast Screening appointment and would like to request a new appointment. 


IMPORTANT: Women under the age of 47 will not be sent a appointment if they submit this request form. If you are concerned about any breast symptoms please make an appointment to see your GP as soon as possible and your GP will refer you to the appropriate clinic if necessary.


Please note that whilst we try to offer a wide range of dates and times we do not screen on every day at each location. We will try to book you an appointment as near as possible to the dates and times requested

Request/change appointment form

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Breast Cancer Awareness Afternoon
Date: Tuesday 19 October 2021
Time: 1.30pm - 3pm
Location: Newton Community Centre, Newton le Willows
Join our Breast Screening Coordinator at Newton Community Centre for a coffee afternoon discussing with ladies of all ages about the importance of Breast Screening, to answer any questions and give out information leaflets. Also, a chance to drop off any unwanted bras into the 'Bra Bin' which will be donated to charity.


Social Inclusion and Disability Networking Market Stall event
Date: Thursday 21 October 2021
Time: 10am - 12noon
Location: The Hope Centre, St Helens
A coming together of SIDN group members to share 'what's new' with their area of business. In attendance are Merseyside Police, Warrington, Halton, St Helens & Knowsley Breast Screening, St Helens Council - Home Improvement Team, Deafness Resource Centre and the Stroke Association to name just a few.


Breast Cancer Awareness Tombola
Date: Friday 22 Oct     Time: 10am - 2pm            Location: Main Entrance, Warrington Hospital
Date: Thurs 28 Oct      Time: 10am - 1pm            Location: George Lloyd Cafeteria, Halton Hospital
Date: Thurs 28 Oct      Time: 1:30pm - 3.30pm    Location: Captain Sir Tom Moore Building, Halton Hospital
Come and join the Breast Screening team at both Warrington & Halton Hospital sites for our Tombola extravaganza events, which are to raise money for Breast Cancer Charities. We also have information leaflets on Breast Screening and will be pleased to answer any questions that you have on the day.